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Caribou 750 ml - 22,9°
  • Caribou 750 ml - 22,9°

Caribou 750 ml - 22,9°


Aperitif composed of red wines, alcohols and natural flavorings tasting like the porto.

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Informations produit :

Le Caribou is a popular alcoholic beverage traditionally originating from Quebec, Canada. It is a sweet and strong liqueur that combines red wine, grain alcohol, maple syrup, and spices. Le Caribou is often associated with winter festivities and gatherings but is also enjoyed as a refreshing drink during the summer months.

Key features:

  • Category: Liqueur
  • Origin: Canada (Quebec)
  • Aromatic profile: Sweet, with notes of red wine, maple syrup, spices, and sometimes citrus or berries
  • Alcohol content: 22.9% vol. (alcohol by volume)
  • Color: Dark red or burgundy
  • Aroma: Intense fragrance, with notes of red wine, maple syrup, spices, and sometimes citrus or berries
  • Taste: Sweet and slightly tangy, with a balanced flavor profile highlighting red wine, maple syrup, and spices
  • Texture: Smooth and slightly viscous

Serving suggestions:

  • Chilled: The classic way to enjoy Le Caribou is chilled, straight from the freezer or on ice.
  • Cocktails: Le Caribou can be used in various cocktails, such as the Caribou Sour or the Caribou Royale.
  • Hot Toddy: A popular winter drink made with Le Caribou, hot water, lemon, and honey.

Le Caribou holds an important place in Quebec's cultural heritage. It is often served at traditional gatherings and celebrations, such as Christmas, New Year's, and Quebec's National Day. The liqueur is also associated with winter sports and outdoor activities, making it a popular choice for après-ski drinks.

Of indigenous origin and folkloric in nature, our Caribou is an authentically Quebec fortified wine, made in Montreal. Traditionally, during festivities, it was customary to offer a glass of Caribou to neighbors and friends visiting during rounds. A favorite aperitif for snowshoeing expeditions and various competitions, it is said to have even helped some Quebec premiers sway undecided voters and win elections. For over 60 years, Caribou has become a symbol of winter gatherings, but don't limit yourself to that! Enjoy hot or cold in good company throughout the year, a warm and convivial drink reflecting the spirit of the Quebec people!