Les soins corporels l'herbier

Founded in Quebec in 2004 by naturopath Guylaine Audet, L'HERBIER BODY CARE specializes in the creation, development, manufacturing and marketing of natural and environmentally friendly healthcare products for the cosmetics and body care industry. Since its creation, its core values are: wellness, body and mind health, and respect for the environment. The company is experiencing strong expansion while remaining true to its fundamental ethical values. The company works closely with local producers and suppliers as well as certified fair trade cooperatives. All of these approaches pursue the specific goal of promoting the well-being and health of human beings, while maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature! A wide selection of therapeutic plants, active and natural local ingredients, and nutrient rich food for the skin, combined with the purity of essential oils, freshness, and sustainability, results in this company's unique manufacturing techniques.

These techniques, both traditional and innovative, are essential for the creation of healthy and exceptional body products for all. In the Quebec herbarium, we have carefully selected extraordinary plants for their exceptional dermatological and therapeutic qualities! All of our labelled ingredients marked with an asterisk (*) and with the mention "ecologically grown ingredient" have been meticulously selected and come from certified organic suppliers, wild harvests, or crops without pesticides or insecticides.

For more information, please visit https://soinslherbier.com