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Bison terrine 180 g
  • Bison terrine 180 g
  • Bison terrine 180 g
  • Bison terrine 180 g

Bison terrine 180 g

Bison terrine: a fine and tasty dish.

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Informations produit :

Bison terrine is a culinary specialty made from bison meat, chopped or in pieces, and cooked in a terrine. It comes in different varieties, with various spices and aromatics, to offer a unique taste experience.

Characteristics of the bison terrine:

Flavor : Bison meat is known for its rich, slightly wild flavor, comparable to beef but with a finer, more tender texture. It brings a rustic and tasty taste to the terrine.

Texture : Bison terrine has a generally smooth and creamy texture, due to the slow cooking of the meat. It can also contain larger pieces of bison for a more varied texture.

Ingrédients : In addition to bison meat, the terrine can include various ingredients such as fatty pork, pork belly, onions, mushrooms, herbs and spices (black pepper, thyme, bay leaf, etc.).

Variéty : There are plain bison terrines, but also flavored with various ingredients, such as nuts, dried fruits (cranberries, prunes), wine (red, cognac), aromatic herbs (rosemary, sage), etc.

Tasting of the bison terrine:

Accompaniments : Bison terrine is generally eaten cold, as an aperitif or as a starter. It can be accompanied by grilled bread, toast, raw vegetables, pickles, mustard, gribiche sauce, etc.

Wine : To accompany bison terrine, a full-bodied red wine, such as Bordeaux or Syrah, is often recommended. A fruity dry white wine can also be suitable.

If you are looking for a unique and flavorful dining experience, bison terrine is a dish to try. Its rich flavor, fine texture and numerous varieties make it a refined dish that will delight your taste buds.